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Please read the feature article on the work being done at Bodhi House writtten by Clare Becker of the Hanover Evening Sun.

The association of Project REFORM is a coordinated and integrated network of community services and volunteers for the purpose of rehabilitation, recovery, and re-entry of incarcerated and post-release people into community life. Specifically, Project REFORM provides a place and a path for individuals to practice transformation and healing, to support and assist individuals on a path towards recovery and wholeness, and to generate public awareness, understanding and education of the role of rehabilitation in reducing recidivism and crime.

Project REFORM is a non-profit 501©3 tax-exempt charitable association organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; contributions are tax-deductible to the maximum extent of the law.

Programs provide individual inmates and INS detainees counseling,  spiritual guidance, visitations, correspondence, Buddhist educational books, audio, and visual materials, family contact and support, paralegal aid, parole support,  and post-release planning.   Prisoner correspondence leads to prison visits which in turn supports and leads to successful post-release transition and re-entry to community.

Book Publisher/Distributor
Since 1998, Project REFORM has been a private independent publisher of Buddhist teachings and educational materials for free distribution to inmates through its TGPS program and Resource Directory for Prisoners. (more info)

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