Bodhi House

Please note that Bodhi House no longer offers post release housing. This information remains to acknowledge all those that have passed through and supported this program.

Bodhi House is a non-sectarian Buddhist spiritual community located near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The work being done at Bodhi House was recently featured in an article in theĀ Hanover Evening Sun.

Bodhi House was created in order to provide a modest re-entry plan for post release men who want to continue the study and practice of Buddhism. Bodhi House is not intended to be a monastery or monastic center. It is simply a spiritual community for lay practitioners, based on a lifestyle of simple living, unselfish service, and a daily commitment to the five precepts.

Bodhi House is designed to inspire individuals who practice Buddhism to develop self-reliance, moral responsibility, tolerance, compassion, wisdom, and many other qualities that can enrich happiness and make life more meaningful in today's world. Along with these qualities, an understanding of the true nature of things will enable the individual to live in harmony with a changing world and to enjoy the highest level of happiness.