Post-Release Transition

Often times when a person is released from prison and returns to the community, they feel stigmatized by their prison experience and often do not know where to turn for assistance. Without direction, without support, and denied acceptance to mainstream community, they simply give up and return to old neighborhoods and old lifestyles that lead them back into prison.

Post-release aftercare is vitally important to a persons successful re-entry to community. They need to continue on with counseling programs, they need a mentor, someone who knows the resources, someone like a scout who can find a trail for them to follow. Mentors who can navigate the network of community services and assist with their therapeutic, vocational and educational needs. Post release inmates need help through the maze of bureaucracy in order to find housing and financial assistance.

These post release mentoring programs are essential in order to provide those who are released from prison with a sense of hope, a desire to change, and a means to achieve their goals.

With proper funding and an increase in community participation through volunteerism, there are no boundaries to the many ways in which lives can be changed.